Sunday, February 19, 2017

Jackson Pollock and the Smartboard

Wow!  I have seriously neglected this blog.  So much has been happening personally and professionally I honestly did not have the time to give this site the time it deserved.  I cannot promise that I will update on a regular schedule again as things are still a bit chaotic but I will make the effort to keep this blog from dying entirely.  

Today's post is all about the smartboard.  If you are lucky enough to have one of these in your room they are the BEST!  In the photos below I was using my smartboard as a giant canvas to let the kids play at being Jackson Pollock.  I pulled up the website and let the kids come up and take turns dragging their hands across the screen to capture their own movement, tapping the screen to change colors and seeing just what kind of a virtual mess they could make!  I split the class into three groups and they all took turns creating.  I snapped the photos after each group was done.  Unfortunately, we no longer have color printers in our school system as the town as deemed them too expensive so I couldn't do a screen capture and print the images from a graphic program. 

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